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Informative and accessible, The Great 8 Pillars: ROI-Driven Marketing for Manufacturing Companies offers readers a professional marketing infrastructure that consistently delivers large returns on investment. In it, you'll find step-by-step tutorials on crafting marketing strategies and value propositions, establishing ROI-driven goals, and building scalable processes that bring value to your customers, and therefore, to your manufacturing organization. Purchase your copy today!

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Praise for The Great 8 Pillars

"Chris has done three very brave things here... he has focused on the very difficult but wholly underserved B2B manufacturing segment, he has created a process specifically geared for this task with built-in ROI measurements, and last, he fearlessly shared his methods with the world through this book."
Jim Tennant
Professional EOS Implementer and CEO coach at CultureShoc
"If you are ready to level up your marketing game, pick up the book The Great 8 Pillars and get to work. It's the best marketing advice I've received in years!"
Mike Meadows
President of 1st Day School Supplies
“Honestly, it's been incredibly enlightening for me. It's brought clarity to my ambitions, making them feel more tangible and within reach. Your methodology on the 8 pillars is something I'm eager to incorporate – I see how they could rev up my strategies.”
Lindsay Smith
Senior Growth Marketing Manager, Park Ohio

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