Become Your Company’s Marketing Superhero

The G8P Certification provides the knowledge and tools marketing leaders at B2B manufacturing firms need to implement the Great 8 Pillars, a proven framework for huge, trackable returns on marketing spend.


Transform Your Marketing Operation

By getting certified, you’ll learn the specific steps you need to take to build an ROI-Driven Marketing Operation designed to drive sales.

Use The Proven Framework

The G8P Certification teaches you everything you need to know about the Great 8 Pillars, our proven framework that can help you see 2X, 3X, and even 10X+ returns from your marketing efforts.

Access Our Tools & Templates

Get access to the G8P Dashboard, with a constantly updated library of tools, templates, and guides to help you implement the Great 8 Pillars effectively.

Prove Marketing’s Value

No more wishy-washy vanity metrics. Show executive leadership the tangible impact your marketing efforts have on the organization’s bottom line.

Doing More, Isn’t The Solution

Doing more (more social, more blogs, more tactics, etc.) won’t work without the proper marketing infrastructure in place. The G8P Certification is your roadmap to that infrastructure, freeing you from the more, more, more hamster wheel, and allowing you to focus on the most important marketing efforts that will actually impact your bottom line.

Earn Your Certification
marketer running on a hamster wheel towards blog, social posts, SEO, paid ads, content, and email tactics

What You’ll Learn

See each of the modules for the G8P Certification course below.

Module 1: What Is An ROI-Driven Marketing Operation

Understand why B2B marketing efforts fail, how an ROI-Driven Marketing Operation can change that, and what it takes to build one.

Module 2: Pillar 1: Goals, KPIs, and Industry Benchmarks

Learn how to establish ROI-driven marketing goals, which actually have an impact on your bottom line when you hit them.

Module 3: Pillar 2: Value Proposition, Messaging, and Branding

Create a value proposition that gets customers excited about working with you, and implement it effectively into your business’s messaging and branding.

Module 4: Pillar 3: Marketing Strategy

Learn how to create an ROI-driven marketing strategy that’s focused on hitting your ROI goals.

Module 5: Pillar 4: Marketing Team Structure

Learn about the roles required in an ROI-Driven Marketing Operation, and how to staff them with employees, contractors, and/or agencies.

Module 6: Pillar 5: Your Website

Turn your website from a brochure into a lead-generating machine.

Module 7: Pillar 6: Analytics & Reporting

Set up real-time dashboards and regular reporting to keep a pulse on your marketing operation, allowing you to take advantage of opportunities and solve problems faster.

Module 8: Pillar 7: Technology Stack

Identify the software and functionalities that you will need to take advantage of to create an effective ROI-Driven Marketing Operation.

Module 9: Pillar 8: Templates and Guides

Increase the efficiency and scalability of your marketing operation with templates and guides.

Module 10: Getting Buy-In

Learn how to get buy-in from the executive team and the sales team to support your efforts and benefit everyone across the organization.

Your Ultimate Resource: The G8P Dashboard

The G8P Dashboard your ultimate Great 8 Pillars resource. Packed to the brim (and constantly updated) with tools, templates, and guides to help you implement the Great 8 Pillars better, and faster.

Inside look at the Diagnostic & Roadmap

The Diagnostic & Roadmap

Assess your marketing operation’s current state against all of the Great 8 Pillars, showing you the specific things you need to work on to become an ROI-Driven Marketing Operation.

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary

Get executive leadership on board with the Great 8 Pillars and your mission to transform your department and drive massive sales for your organization.

Templates & Guides

And So Many More

From an ROI-driven marketing strategy template to a marketing and sales alignment checklist, we provide you with an ever-growing list of tools, templates, and guides to help you implement the Great 8 Pillars effectively.

G8P Certification Pricing

What You Get
The G8P Certification Course
Access to the G8P Dashboard, which includes the following:
The Diagnostic & Roadmap (a $7,500 value*)
The Executive Summary Template
The Gold Standard Hub
The G8P Toolkit
Earn Your Certification
*Based on the cost to have the D&R completed by our partner marketing agency, SyncShow

FAQ Section

How long does the G8P Certification course take?

It generally takes about 10 hours to complete the G8P Certification. 

How do I get access to the G8P Dashboard

The G8P Dashboard is custom made and will be available to you within one to two business days after your purchase. You will receive an email from us once it's available for you to use. In the meantime, you can get started on the G8P Certification course. 

How many people can access the G8P Dashboard?

You may have one user on your G8P Dashboard. You can reach out and contact us to add more users for an additional charge per user.

Does becoming G8P Certified make me a G8P Coach?

No. A G8P Coach is a consultant with a minimum of 10 years experience who works for G8P and is specially trained by G8P.

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Earn Your Certification

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